Charge and go

Battery life is much improved over my iPhone 3G which I had to charge multiple times during a normal business day.  The Storm can make it through the day without an issue.  Rather I should say I have an option to switch my battery on the storm and I am happy to leave the house without a charger.  This was not a consideration with my level of activity on the iPhone.

Email and Calendar invites

Email management on the Storm ROCKS the house which is a given as this is where  BlackBerry is rooted.  On the iPhone I could create a calendar invite but could invite no one.  Great a meeting alone.  On the iPhone when a meeting was about to start I got my reminder with an option to Accept, Decline, Tentative.  Yeah we all know those are the options when you get an invite, not for a reminder.  Blackberry got this spot on but I expected nothing less.

My overall take on the BlackBerry Storm

I wanted to give an accurate opinion on the Storm.  Despite all the bad things about the device I actually like the Storm and will continue to use it.  If you are not the early adopter type give the device a couple months to grow legs.  Apple has an upper hand owning the experience for the end user and the iPod aspects add much strength to the equation.  Microsoft is the only other vendor I believe that can get this right but the blueprints have been laid.  The BlackBerry Storm is a great device but RIM is going to need to do a great deal of work to pry my iPod from my cold dead hands.  I am looking forward to more third party applications and the ability to run applications in the background.  If you’re an iPhone user stay where you are but if the iPhone is not an option the Storm will be a great choice once the issues are addressed, if not the call AT&T.