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The BlackBerry 10 OS, it’s truly sad as this beautiful OS will never reach the hands of the masses. It’s truly sad that this wonderfully crafted operating system will never reach its full potential and when I say “Potential ” I mean “Potential.” The BlackBerry 10 OS has all the required elements to be the best overall Mobile Operating System on the market. It blows away iOS, it blows away ANY version of Android on the market and it is slightly ahead of the curve vs the Windows Mobile OS.

Maybe I seen a little biased when it comes to the BlackBerry 10 OS compared to the one’s mentioned above, but I use all these devices daily and I know what I like and prefer from a mobile operating system and that’s BlackBerry 10.

We shall now sit back and watch these beautiful phones rocking this beautiful operating system, slowly crumble into the writings of history. Who do I blame, hell I blame everyone from the top to the bottom for allowing this travesty to happen? You had chances and they were blown. Ever heard the phase “pay the man?” Maybe some developer payola was needed, you know, that brown bag money.

Just a thought.