A Tale of two keyboards

The Storm has two useful keyboards (standard in landscape or SureType in portrait).  SureType is a welcome relief from the iPhone.  I use the SureType because it is easy and accurate.   The standard keyboard is less accurate and does not attempt to guess what you wanted to type based on proximity of your clicks like the iPhone.  Typing is by far more accurate and enjoyable on the Storm as compared to its competition.  The click screen took 10 minutes to get used to (remember I came from the iPhone).  Typing on glass took no adjustment, in fact, going to the iPhone initially took 2-4 weeks to get used to.

Going back to physical keys will be like going from today’s digital phones to a rotary phone.   I used the BlackBerry 8830 for 2 weeks the biggest pain was reading the letters on the keyboard, what’s funny is that I have 20/20 eye sight but was spoiled by the large and clear keyboard on a screen.  That was a HARD step back.  The Storm is amazingly easy to type on and I have typed this entire brief on the SureType keyboard.

Call Management or Lack of Management

Call management on the BlackBerry is bad.  My 8 year old Nokia had better call management.  If you are a long time Blackberry user you may be use to this but DEAR god WTF.  Say you’re talking to a friend Jerry Smith and then you receive a call from Angela Jones, when you answer the new call it still reads you’re talking to Jerry Smith.  If you terminate the call with Jerry your phone still reads your in call with Jerry.  (When you have multiple users on a call you have no visual indicator who is on which line, unlike any modern phone including the iPhone).

Looking at the call display when you know you have multiple calls you question, did I switch over…did you conference the calls.  Imagine you’re on an important business call with Angela, no Jerry, no wait…I think you get the picture, that is how blackberry handles calls.  I called customer service thinking surely this is a bug.  They laughed and acknowledged the ‘feature’.   If you’re cheating on your significant and both happen to call just pull the battery and save yourself a world o pain.  I am not speaking from experience here.

Digital Voicemail or visual for marketing people

Overall it works very well nothing major over what Apple provides.  You can forward voice messages but there is a catch.  The file format forwarded is not mp3, wma, aac, or any other common standard.  The lucky recipient will have to download a player from Qualcomm as the attached file in an email is .qcp.  Forwarding of messages is a huge missing feature for the iPhone/ATT and Storm/ Verizon blew it as well.  Blackberry and Verizon messages to be forwarded in a non industry standard for audio files, brilliant.