Eye Candy

Scrolling lists on the phone has no sense of how fast you swipe your finger.  If you swipe your finger fast the list should scroll fast, swipe slow and the list scrolls slow.  The iPhone even has animation if you reach the top or bottom of the list too fast and you get a bounce effect.  It is a minor thing but such attention to detail.

One feature I quickly came to love on my 8830 was the ‘T’ or ‘B’ to quickly get to the top or bottom of lists.  This option exists on the Storm but you have to go to menu then scroll down 12 items to find show keyboard; flip to landscape mode and select T or B,  not exactly intuitive.  These should have been shortcuts on the menu.  Oh and you have to rehide the keyboard.   My technology needs to think for me not put the work on me.


I like the way the phone handles SMS/MMS but there is no quick way to call a contact from the SMS.  This may be due to the fact the phone lacks the ability to touch at the edges of the glass but this was handled very well on the iphone (similar to a hyperlink on a webpage).  I found no quick way to clear all SMS or call history from a particular person, a feature handled well on the iphone  I should note the iPhone aka the future phone does not have MMS.  All I can say is viewmymessage.com and all iPhone users should let out a silent cry.

For a business device the Blackberry does not handle contacts as clean as one would expect.
•    If looking at SMS’s from a contact I need to be able to quickly jump to that contact and get additional details or call them back.
•    Blackberry provides different options depending how you access your phone book.  If you press talk then go to your phone book options to do a Global Address Look up is not available.  But if you access your contacts from the contact application you are able to perform corporate address lookups.  This is just a broken concept.  One bonus is you can add users from the Global address list to your contact list unlike the iPhone.
•    On a contact I should be able to quickly access the communication history with that contact, call history, SMS, MMS, email, or instant messages.  This is available on the blackberry but not on the iPhone. My point is that it should be easy to manage my contacts and the activities I’ve logged with them.

I still sit in shock that Blackberry designed a phone with touch screen and failed to include a Proximity Sensor to detect the device in being held up to your face.  The proximity sensor is designed to disable glass clicks when in a call.  This is to avoid accidentally putting your call on speaker, mute or hanging up