Say what you want about Research in Motion, but, you have to give them credit when it comes to providing users with options.  In an iPhone world, Apple provides you with features and you either learn to like them or buy another product.  That being said, I hope that Flash in the upcoming BlackBerry 6 browser will allow users to enable or disable the loading of Flash content. When I think of RIM’s focus on security as they design devices it would lead you to believe Flash will not only be an optional feature but off by default. I am not sure if this is a good thing for Adobe or end user experience but I can already see the reports, BlackBerry 6 Browser Sluggish Due to Flash. Essentially replay every article being written about Flash and Android today.

Forgive me for being Captain Obvious, but can we all agree a browser that supports Flash will render a page slower than a browser that does not? Can we also agree a browser the runs java scripts will render a page slower than a browser that does not? Can we also agree a browser that renders images will render a page slower than a browser that does not? Let me be clear this is not a dig on RIM or Adobe rather level setting expectations. I am not a fan of Adobe Flash, in fact for the most part I hate Flash for privacy reasons, but considering its wide use on the web, a browser without Adobe Flash is like getting a grain of sand in your eyes. You can see but it annoys the crap out of you over time.

From the video’s we have seen I think we can all agree the BlackBerry OS 6 and web browser are a huge step in the right direction.  I just hope that it will have the ability to load or not load flash content giving greater access to the entire web.

Is there anyone that would rather RIM not even provide support for Flash, assuming there is a setting to enable or disable loading flash content? My thought is Flash support is a great option short term and over time can be phased out as HTML 5 hits wider adoption. I really wonder how the new browser will render many of the great HTML 5 sites out there today.

Personally, I am kind of looking forward to the new BlackBerry Browser.  I think that Mobile Safari, less its support for Flash, is the standard when it comes to mobile browsing.  It will be interesting to see how the BlackBerry 6 Browser stacks up.