I just don’t get what is so special about BlackBerry Messenger except it only works with BlackBerry Users. Despite being a technology junkie I have never been able to get into Blackberry Messenger. Considering how many people love this feature can someone shed some light on what is so good about Blackberry Messenger?

With SMS/MMS for sending short messages, pictures, video, or audio what can messenger add? SMS/MMS work on all mobile phone worldwide and are not limited to Blackberry devices. I agree with Blackberry Messenger you do not pay additional to send to users in other countries and it does not require you to have a text message plan. Is cost what makes people love BB Messenger?

Is the hook really for enterprise users? In a corporate environment I can do a GAL (Global Address List) lookup and get a users BlackBerry pin to start a conversation quickly. I agree the filtered list of users I can message with has its benefits. I have never used the broadcast message feature could that be part of the draw?

On the surface I cannot find a reason to use BB Messenger. With OS 5.0 the threaded format of SMS makes it look just like an IM conversation. Is it the ability to send your current location, files, or voice notes that makes Blackberry Messenger powerful? Maybe it is being able to ping a contact. What exactly does a ping do. I just sent a Ping to Robb without knowing. Hopefully it is not too bad. The location sharing option is going to come in handy when friends are trying to find our tailgate this coming NFL season. I used Assemble and Google Maps on the iPhone for location sharing, messenger will be a welcome add.

There has to be something magical in BlackBerry Messenger that is just passing right by me. Is it more then IM? I cannot think of a better group of people to explain why BB Messenger is worth caring about. Please someone help me see the light.