I originally wrote a post on Simple Mobile Review about issues with the BlackBerry Bold 9930 browser crashing. I was wondering how many RIMarkable users have upgraded to the Bold 9930 and have noticed stability issues with the web browser. I feel the 9930 is likely the best BlackBerry device ever made, however, when using the browser the phone frequently becomes sluggish and unresponsive leading the a crash.

Eventually you get an error stating:

Uncaught exception: Application

net_rim_bb)_browser_daemon (324) is not responding; process terminated

I will apologize up front as the video is long but at 2 min 17sec you can see the first crash.  The screenshots above highlight the error dialog you see upon crashing.   Are any of you having this issue and if so what sites are causing the browser to crash?  I detailed how to replicate the crash on Simple Mobile Review but you can also see this in the video.

[YouTube Link for Mobile Viewing]