It appears India is not the only country concerned with getting access to BlackBerry Messenger conversations.  The UAE (United Arab Emirates) telco was unable to monitor what people are saying on their BlackBerry’s.  The solution is to institute a ban on internet access, email, and instant messaging on BlackBerry devices starting in October.  BBM is not going to make it until October, the UAE plans to block that service later this month.  Now RIM can bypass this block by complying with the request, but that will have a serious impact on RIM globally.

RIM is in one of the worst situations.  RIM likely will not comply with the request (demands) of the UAE or India, but what if 5 or 10 more countries threaten a ban?  If they comply how many countries will ask for the same data.  It is almost damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Time will tell how this play out.