This post originated on Simple Mobile Review

I know that every BlackBerry user isn’t an iPod Touch owner and visa versa, however, the combination of the two devices often seems to be as common as peanut butter and jelly.

Today I sat in a meeting where every user at the table had a BlackBerry and 4 of the 6 BlackBerry users also owned an iPod Touch.  As we got to talking about it we all came to the same conclusion…  The BlackBerry is the king when it comes to anything related to communication (messaging and phone).  The iPod Touch is great at the multi-media and application stuff.  Yeah, I know…  Ground breaking details.  The thing is, we ALL wanted an iPod Touch with a 3G data option like the iPad and a camera.  No one wanted the iPhone (as a phone) as we all want to avoid paying again for a voice plan we did not plan to use.

This really highlights a problem for the BlackBerry. Windows Mobile, Android, WebOS, and iPhone (Jailbroken) all have the ability to offer Wi-Fi tethering. This is the one missing feature on the BlackBerry platform that would make the marriage of an iPod Touch and a BlackBerry complete. While an iPod Touch with a 3G data plan is attractive, I would rather have the ability to just share the 3G internet connection on my BlackBerry via Wi-Fi. It would be a lot cheaper and under my control.

Hopefully RIM will shock the BlackBerry community with BlackBerry 6 and add Wi-Fi tethering, although, with all the leaked information so far, this would be hard to keep under wraps. Personally, I would carry a BlackBerry and iPhone if AT&T were to waive the requirement for a voice plan. For now, I guess this is just wishful thinking. What are your feelings on the matter?