Something I have been wondering about is why do  you get prompted to set application permissions twice for an application.  Initially when you install an application you get prompted, then once when you initially open the application.  I rechecked to verify I was not confusing installer permissions and application permissions, but the menu clearly states what is going on.  I am not talking about when  you get prompted to give the application Trusted Application Status, although that is a topic for another security question.

This double request for application permissions is not limited to a single app.  I know sometimes due to a coding issue apps will constantly prompt for permissions.  Is this a developer issue if you are prompted to set permissions both during install and at initial application startup?  Maybe this is by design but on the surface the screens seem to set the same permissions.  More curious than bothered.  I am in the process of setting up my BlackBerry Bold 9650 and the experience is like night and day when comparing to the BlackBerry Storm 1.  Put simple 5x the memory makes a world of difference, I just need to stop touching the screen hoping for a response.