I was reading a post about 5 great travel applications and one particular application caught my eye called SmartPark. If you have ever received a ticket for parking at a meter after the time has expired then this application may be of interest. I live in the Washington Metropolitan area so I frequently need to park at meters in DC and Baltimore. I always look at what time I left and try to remember to return to feed the meter. I guess I could use a count down timer or an alarm but this is what simple apps are designed for.

I checked the RIMarkable store and found an application called Parking Meter for $1.99, regularly 4.99 but 60% off. It does exactly what Smart Park does. You enter in the about of time on your meter, then it notifies you prior to the meter expiring.

Does anyone have any other ideas to avoid letting a parking meter expire, other than the obvious? Is anyone using Parking Meter? I recall a free phone reminder service, but I just cannot remember the name.