It took Kik just 15 days to boast 1 million users on their messaging platform, which is rather impressive. If you stack Kik and BBM side-by-side, BBM destroys Kik in every category except one: cross platform messaging. Kik is a hot new enhanced messaging platform that runs on BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android. One of the unique features of Kik is the Facebook-like feature that helps you discover your friends on Kik, almost automatically.

When Robb and I first talked about Kik, he ripped me apart when I suggested Kik could be a BBM replacement. I realized 15 minutes into his monologue that I had crossed some line in the sand, or maybe I had found the Achilles heel of Blackberry; I really don’t know which, but it was pretty funny. In reality, I don’t see Kik so much as a replacement, rather more a supplement to communicate with friends on other platforms. You will not be able to send video/pictures/files, change status, update profile images, scan barcodes, ping, group chat or a host of other BBM features. What you will get is the ability to have free messaging with all your friends, regardless of platform. When I think about it that way, maybe Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, AOL or any other IM client are decent alternative. But, you have to go where your friends are. And right now, they are flocking in droves to Kik. And keep in mind, this app is young, very young.

As Kik is growing at an insane rate, I can only suspect that they will start to add many of the features that make BBM an incredible experience. I am not sure if Kik is as big of a threat as something like Facebook Messaging might be. Robb mentioned this point around minute 22 in his monologue, and it is a rather good point. Then again who is delaying the delivery of Kik messages on BlackBerry devices?

The real threat Kik presents will be seen when almost all of your friends are available on Kik. More importantly, when your current BBM contacts use both Kik and BBM. At that point, the classic argument, I have some people I can only communicate with on BBM will fade away. Even with less features this could easily present a 80/20 rule and have people start breaking allegiance to BBM. Or I could just be full of it. I am sure you will tell me.

Is anyone out there using Kik? Robb said I would get blasted for saying this so let me have it.