I am not one of the lucky people that can use the headsets the come in the package with your BlackBerry but if you can you should checkout the OEM Stereo headsets over at Amazon. Several of my work colleagues are ordering 5 – 10 of these at a time as they only cost $1.95 $2.60. With such a low price you can order several; one in the cars, one in your bag, one with your phone, and one at your desk. If you develop a short in the cable you can just throw it away an not wonder if it was worth the price.

The number of lucky people that use the headsets that come with the phone has always amazed me. For so many it produces the audio quality they desire, but for me they just fall out of my ears. I usually buy the VModa Vibe II as the ear bud pushes in the ear and that is the style that fits my ears, but at $40 per headset I cannot afford to buy 5 – 10 at a time.

If nothing else you can give a friend a great stocking stuffer at an extremely low price

Check out the Stereo BlackBerry Headsets $1.95 $2.60 on Amazon with free shipping