Slacker For BlackBerrySlacker

Slacker is an internet radio client for the BlackBerry that allows you to listen to over 100 stations for free and the latest version is now compatible with the BlackBerry Storm.

I’ve been using Slacker on my laptop for years and now that it runs on the BlackBerry Storm, it is probably one of my most used third party BlackBerry applications.

Poynt for BlackBerry StormPoynt

Poynt is a GPS enabled local search application that integrates directly with BlackBerry Maps and Google Maps.   We just wrote a post about Poynt when it became available for the BlackBerry Storm and I can tell you that this is one sweet BlackBerry application.

It seems like everyday more and more applications for the BlackBerry Storm, many of them free, seem to come out.  If you know of a quality free BlackBerry Storm application that we haven’t listed in our five, leave a link to it in the comments.

Happy downloading…