UPDATE:  5 More Free BlackBerry Storm Applications Worth Downloading

There are a lot of free BlackBerry applications out there but it is still kind of hard to find good free BlackBerry Storm applications.

We’ve listed five of the best free BlackBerry Storm applications out there, and, although these apps may run on other BlackBerry devices, if they’ve made our list they contain functionality specific to the BlackBerry Storm.

Check the list out after the jump and get to downloading…


One of the problems with the BlackBerry Storm is that the touch screen doesn’t deactivate when you talking on the phone.  It is very easy to accidentally launch applications, mute, or end your calls simply by holding your BlackBerry Storm up to your face.

TalkLock, from Cellavant, automatically engages a few seconds after a call is connected, and intercepts touch screen actions. This prevents screen presses from launching programs or invoking functions while you talk.