Will You Buy A BlackBerry 10 Device?

We’ve seen a lot of reviews of BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 since its launch at the beginning of February, and, for the most part, reviews have been pretty favorable of BlackBerry’s next generation OS.

The big question for BlackBerry, however,  is whether or not  businesses and consumers will actually go out and buy BlackBerry 10 devices.

As soon as I can pick up a BlackBerry Z10 on Verizon I will do so.  BlackBerry Hank went all the way to Amsterdam to get his Limited Edition device…

I think that it is safe to say that most die hard BlackBerry enthusiasts will pick up a Z10 or Q10 when available.

Still, its hard to find a poll where more than 10% to 15% of respondents say they would even consider a BlackBerry 10 device, let alone, actually going out and getting one.

That being said, I put the question to you…

Will you buy a BlackBerry 10 device?



  1. Nate Bowling says

    I’m getting one, but, with this being a BlackBerry website, I would bet that most people who respond here probably will say yes.

  2. Adam Acuo says

    Maybe. I’m waiting for the Q10 and I’ll be comparing it to the GS 4 and the other phones coming out around the same time. BlackBerry is taking Waaaay to long with this launch.

  3. Larry Hammiter says

    My BlackBerry Z10 actually got delivered last Friday. I live in Toronto and was able to get it, I believe, about a month before it will be available in the U.S.

    I have just two words for it… Awe! Some!

  4. Erik L. says

    I was a die-hard BlackBerry user until my wife bought me a Galaxy Note last year for Valentine’s Day. Although I went through BBM withdrawl for about 3 months, I now find WhatsApp Messenger, SMS, and Skype to be good enough replacements.

    If I am honest I would have to say that I won’t get a BlackBerry 10 device if, for no other reason, than I still have a year to go on my 2 year contract. I am sure that I will take a look at it though next time I am in Best Buy…

  5. JA2BK says

    I’m reserving an answer until I can touch one and try it out. I love that it uses Active Sync, but I have read that some companies are able to block it from being used without BES. That is a no good for me.

  6. Eve says

    I used to love using my bb but over time it has become cumbersome and tedious. Constant waiting for the device to load. My next ph will probably be van iPhone

  7. mesteeves says

    yes, I already did. this new phone, is twice the phone the Iphone is. It is both business, and personal oriented at the same time. the new OS is great, and i really feel if people will give it a chance, they will see that this is the phone they need. the Iphone is a toy, this is not.

  8. Jason Farmer says

    I actually got one 2 weeks ago today here in Ottawa and can tell you that it is the best BlackBerry that I’ve ever owned. It is my work phone, so, I have an iPhone 4S to compare it to, and, it stands up very well. I think I would rather have the Q10 when it comes out, so, I may see if I can switch depending on how long it takes it to come out…

      • Shelisa Gray says

        I currently have a 9900 with WiFi hotspot that I use for work and I carry an iPod Touch that I use for personal stuff. I thought the new BlackBerry was going to be able to run a lot of apps like on my iPod Touch but it cant even run the android versions which I thought it was supposed to do.

    • Kathy says

      I only needed a 3 day return policy! No need to evaluate more than 3 days before returning this piece of junk. :)

  9. Ricky TuDoir says

    Nope… I am on Sprint because I am on my folks family plan. I would of gotten it but now I’m just going to get a GS4….

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