We’ve seen a lot of reviews of BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 since its launch at the beginning of February, and, for the most part, reviews have been pretty favorable of BlackBerry’s next generation OS.

The big question for BlackBerry, however,  is whether or not  businesses and consumers will actually go out and buy BlackBerry 10 devices.

As soon as I can pick up a BlackBerry Z10 on Verizon I will do so.  BlackBerry Hank went all the way to Amsterdam to get his Limited Edition device…

I think that it is safe to say that most die hard BlackBerry enthusiasts will pick up a Z10 or Q10 when available.

Still, its hard to find a poll where more than 10% to 15% of respondents say they would even consider a BlackBerry 10 device, let alone, actually going out and getting one.

That being said, I put the question to you…

Will you buy a BlackBerry 10 device?