The “Is” Still Is In FaceBook For BlackBerry

One of the rather pretty cool free BlackBerry applications released in recent times is Facebook for BlackBerry which came out in October last year. Even though Facebook for BlackBerry made our 5 Must Have Free BlackBerry Downloads… Second Edition, there are a few things that are kind of annoying about the tool.

One of those annoying things is that “Is” appears after your name when you update your status. RIM decided to come out with an update specifically to remove the “Is” from the Veiw Status screen, however, according to BBGeeks, the “Is” is still there.


  1. says

    This would be nice to fix. It makes other folks look kinda dumb in their updates, but if there is no is for them, then it makes you look dumb for attempting to correct bad grammar (which is something I did when I was bored).

  2. Brian says

    the easy way around it is to go to the facebook website instead of the program when you want to do the status update.

  3. Zach says

    Ironicly as it pull graveyard sitting here, I, on my curve, searched around till I found the fb for bb support site, wrote them a nice letter bringing it (or so I thought) to their attn. Then I decided to check rimarkable for any info on 4.5 and low and behold, I’m not the onlyone who thinks about this haha, its probably only 1 line of code and it’d make most of us crackberry/facebook addicts happy, anyways, I say we all use the online app support form and complain till they fix it

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