We just got word that YouMail Visual VoiceMail for BlackBerry has been updated to version and includes the following new features:

  • Better speed and reliability, with new status indicators that tell the user the precise status of their connectivity and data transmission.
  • Improvements to YouMail’s already one-of-a-kind voice-to-text service designed to save users time and better inform them of data transcription status. YouMail is also offering a free trial of YouMail’s human-edited transcriptions.
  • Bug fixes that allow for better interactivity with other apps, like DexRex, and improve the overall stability of the application, as well as improved functionality of services for YouMail premium subscribers and voice mail transcription.

YouMail is a free BlackBerry download that you can pick up on BlackBerry App World and we have two subscriptions for the the premium service to give away.  If you’d like a premium subscription, leave us a comment.  The first two people to comment get them….