The BlackBerry Killer tag is really starting to get old these days, especially on devices that have absolutely no shot, in North America at least, at dethroning Research in Motion’s BlackBerry. This is not to say that the Orange SPV M5000 Windows Mobile 5 PDA/phone isn’t a cool device. It will just probably never be released in the U.S. (Note to self: Write an article about why the U.S. and Canada never get the really cool phones until they are so old that they are not cool anymore)

The latest in the long ling of BlackBerry Killers is the SPV M5000 from Orange. It’s a Windows Mobile 5 powered phone that combines 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth with a fold out keyboard and a mega-pixel digital camera. It also has:

  • Spearker Phone
  • Built-in Fax Modem
  • Video Messaging and Video Calling
  • GPRS
  • Tri Band

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