I know that just before Xobni was officially released, I gave it a little flack about taking so long to come out, however, since it has, it arguably has become one of, if not the most used 3rd party BlackBerry applications on my device.  A new beta version of Xobni for BlackBerry has  recently been released which  includes LinkedIn integration allowing you to view profile information from a contacts LinkedIn account directly from within Xobni.

New features in Xboni for BlackBerry Beta:

  • Performance improvements for BlackBerry local data integration
  • Performance improvements for scrolling in the search results
  • Better integration with Blackberry Address book
  • Trials and gift code activation
  • Phone number source and email snippet from Xobni One/Outlook
  • Xobni one status dialog
  • LinkedIn “Sign-in” integration for additional data access (in Options)

We should not that this is not the officially released version of Xobni, but, a beta that may have a few bugs, however, the overall improvements make this a worth while download.

Pick up Xobni for BlackBerry beta pointing your device to http://bb.xobni.com/beta.