XM and QuickPlay announced yesterday XM Radio Mobile for BlackBerry Smartphones. For $7.99 per month select model BlackBerry users will get access to 20 channels of XM programming, mostly commercial free music channels as well as The Virus (uncensored talk) and XM Comedy (uncensored comedy) via QuickPlay’s OpenVideo.

I have XM in my car on doubt that I will ever buy a car again that doesn’t have it. For me personally, however, the 20 channels that are initially being offered just aren’t enough. I carry my iPod around with me everywhere and I can get all the commercial free music that I want. The real draw of XM, in my opinion, is all of the sports, news, and talk radio that you get.

I may try the 24-hour trial, however, I think I will be a bit more interested when they offer more of the XM channels that I actually listen to.