There have been a lot of different BlackBerry features talked about lately, specifically with regards to the 88XX and 83XX devices. One configuration will have Wi-Fi. Another will have GPS. They may even be a units with both Wi-Fi and GPS. My question to you is if you have to go with Wi-Fi or GPS, which one would you choose?

For me the choice is easy. I would go with Wi-Fi hands down. Not so much because I need Wi-Fi in a BlackBerry, but, because I have an irrational aversion to GPS in a device that I carry around on my person. To make a long story short, I think about being taken out by a high powered laser mounted in a spy satellite probably more than most.

On the other hand, rational and sane BlackBerry users, especially those on speedy networks like Verizon, may see GPS as the must have feature because Wi-Fi doesn’t seem all that fast compared to their EVDO connections.