We all know that the BlackBerry Curve won’t come to Verizon for some time unless they’ve got something up their sleeve that no one is aware of. The best BlackBerry that I’ve seen as far as form and function, however, is about to hit the street on AT&T very soon and I am thinking thinking the unthinkable. If I am thinking about it, I am sure others are too…

Would you leave Verizon to get the BlackBerry Curve?

I’ve said several times that if a second GSM BlackBerry with a camera is released in the United States before Verizon releases their first CameraBerry, I would leave. Although leave may be too strong a word, I’ve got a plan that I just may implement.

At some point I am going to get an iPhone. Like for many other BlackBerry users, it has nothing to do with wanting in iPhone more than a BlackBerry. I just want an iPhone and will get one in addition to my BlackBerry. I don’t, however, really want to shell out $500 to $600 for an iPhone they day they hit the street. I would rather pick one up around Christmas time when the have a few of inevitable kinks worked out.

Here is my plan. I just may buy a BlackBerry Curve as soon as AT&T releases it. I am not going to cancel my Verizon BlackBerry, however, I will only use it for work, starting to use the BlackBerry Curve for personal use. I figure that I can grin and bear through AT&T’s service for a few months until Verizon releases something with a camera on it.

When Verizon comes out with the Curve or the Pearl v.2 or some BlackBerry with a camera on it, I will switch back to using Verizon both for personal use and for business, sell the AT&T BlackBerry Curve on eBay, and buy an iPhone so that I don’t have to worry about any cancellation fees.