A few weeks we asked a question about a BlackBerry 8700t from T-Mobile possibly being on the way. We know that the period of exclusivity will eventually expire on the Cingular BlackBerry 8700c and other carries will start to offer the BlackBerry 8700 line eventually.

This brings us to the question of if the BlackBerry 8700 will do as well on T-Mobile as it will on some of the other carriers that offer highspeed broadband access? I currently own a BlackBerry 7100t. I am, however, switching to a 7130e on the Verizon network and not staying with T-Mobile, upgrading to the 7105t because of the inability to tether the 7105t to my laptop as a highspeed modem.

I must admit that I’ve been pleased with T-Mobile for the most part. I am only speaking for myself but I haven’t had any problems with the service that are worth complaining about. I wouldn’t hesitate to upgrade to another T-Mobile BlackBerry if they offered broadband access, but, since they don’t, I am willing to switch over the Verizon in a heartbeat to get it.

The BlackBerry 8700 line promotes it’s faster more powerful processor, expanded memory, and ability to work with highspeed broadband networks. Would a BlackBerry 8700t kind of be seen as a dud if one of the major new features wasn’t available because of the network?