Ever since Bluetooth debuted in the BlackBerry 7100T going on three years ago, the profile has been crippled for “securities sake”. Way back then you could do nothing more than pair a Bluetooth headset with your BlackBerry. Every BlackBerry OS release would see a new Bluetooth profile that was a bit less restrictive, but, still crippled, not supporting the golden goose for Bluetooth protocols, OBEX support.

Well, that’s all changed now. According to BlackBerry Cool insider RogersDude69 the BlackBerry Curve has an open OBEX protocol allowing you to send and receive files to and from other devices on your device and that’s not all.

Just look at some of the BlackBerry Curve’s Bluetooth services:

  • Headset
  • Handsfree
  • Desktop Connectivity
  • Wireless Bypass
  • Dial-Up Networking
  • Audio Source
  • A/V Remote Control Target

As you can see, there’s more services for the Curve. The Audio Source Services is definitely for the Stereo Bluetooth. The A/V Remote Control Target is for using your Curve as.. A Remote Control. This has the potential to be used for your Laptop and your Presentations, and to control your home theater system in your house or in your car.

Bluetooth, OBEX