Verizon BlackBerry Tour From Wirefly

If you are looking to get yourself a BlackBerry Tour and are new to Verizon, Wirefly is offering the device to new Verizon subscribers for $179.99, $20 less than getting it direct.  The real deal, however, may be for existing Verizon customers.

If you are already a Verizon customer you can get yourself the BlackBerry Tour for $199.99…  Even possibly if you aren’t eligible for an upgrade.  This is a full $290 less than the $489.99 that Verizon is charging.

There is a lot of fine print that you should read thouroghly before you get in on this but if you are one of those BlackBerry users that just has to have the latest device whenever it comes out, this deal just may be for you.

Check the deal out over on Wirefly