Two of the ten things we hate about BlackBerrys are the BlackBerry Browser and the fact that you cannot play YouTube videos on the device. If Research in Motion were to add Adobe’s Flash Lite to the BlackBerry you would be able to play YouTube videos and the BlackBerry Browser wouldn’t be as horrible as it is today.

I bring this question up because Adobe and Microsoft are expected to announce today that MS has signed a license deal to use Flash Lite in Windows Mobile.

The bigger question for the BlackBerry, however, is could the BlackBerry even run Flash Lite? I remember back when I first started getting into the BlackBerry one of the biggest knocks was that it just didn’t have enough processing power to run some of the cooler apps that you saw on Windows Mobile and Palm devices.

Today, the BlackBerry’s horse power really isn’t the question, but, the BlackBerry OS. I’ll leave that, however, to another post.

If the BlackBerry is capable of running Flash Lite should it be something that RIM looks to add?