Windows Live Search for BlackBerry

So, Mircrosoft finally came out with an update to Windows Live Search for BlackBerry.  It runs on BlackBerry devices running OS 4.6 or higher, i.e., the Bold, the Storm, and the Curve 8900.

I haven’t yet put Windows Live Search for BlackBerry completely through the paces, however, my initial thoughts after having it installed on my BlackBerry Storm for about 5 minutes is that it is really disappointing that it doesn’t appear to have GPS support or cell site location support.  You don’t even appear to be able to enter in a zip code to try to narrow in on your location.

To be completely honest I imagine that I will simply unistall WLS when I get done writing this post.  I understand that WLS for BlackBerry is free, however, I question why Microsoft would release such a featureless application when compared to all the other free local search assistants.

This is just my opinion, but, I don’t think Windows Live Search for BlackBerry is worth the time it takes to download.  It is free, however, so if you want to judge it for yourself, simply point your device’s BlackBerry Browswer to