Wisespent 3.1 was released last week and you can win a free copy from PINStack.com. The following is an excerpt from an email sent out to all PINStack.com members.

Contest requirements:
To participate if you’re not already a member you must signup for your Free PINStack.com membership and have at least (five) 5 post count in our Blackberry forums.

What you’ll win!
– The first 20% of participants get Wisespent 3.1 FREE!
– The next 50% of all participants get a 40% discount on purchase of Wisespent 3.1.
All participants receive a 20% discount on purchase of Wisespent 3.1.
– Existing PINStack.com members who participate and are not in the first 20% at the contest close will still receive a 30% (20% everyone gets + 10%) discount.

Contest duration:
Not released! So Hurry!

A few Contest Rules:
– Members must meet the contest requirements or posts will be removed from this thread.
– Only one reply per member to this thread allowed.
– New members should post a least 5 (five) posts elsewhere in our Blackberry forums before entering contest.

You can enter the WiseSpent Software Giveaway Contest here and for those of you who don’t win, you can download a free trial version of Wisespent 3.1 here.