It never fails…  Whenever Tether for BlackBerry goes on sale in the RIMarkable Store, especially when it is a one-day Deal of the Day special, I get a ton of emails after the sale ends asking if we could extend the sale price.  Unfortunately, we can’t usually do this.  What we can do, however, is make sure that those of you interested in catching the next Tether for BlackBerry sale are made aware of it as soon as it starts, giving you the maximum amount of time to pick up Tether while the sale is running.

If you read RIMarkable everyday or subscribe to our RSS feed, you already get notified pretty quickly, however, if you are more of a casual visitor, here is what you do…

Head over to the RIMarkable fan page over on Facebook and Like it.  Once you do, your wall will be updated whenever the RIMarkable Facebook page gets updated.  Going forward I will send out a note to those that have Liked RIMarkable letting them know as soon as Tether for BlackBerry goes on sale.  That should give you about 24 hours to determine if you want to pick it up while on sale.

What about the contest?

Oh yeah…  I almost forgot.  If you’ve read down this far your probably are really interested in getting a copy of Tether for BlackBerry.  Well, we are going to give away 10 Free copies.  All you have to for a chance to get one is become a fan of the RIMarkable Facebook page by heading over to and clicking on the Like button.  Then leave a Wall post telling us why you would like a copy of Tether for BlackBerry.

That’s it.  All you have to do is leave one Wall comment on our Facebook page telling us why you want a copy of Tether for BlackBerry.  This contest will run until midnight EST Friday night, or, until we have we reached 100 wall posts and >300 Facebook Fans.  That gives you 1 in 10 chance to win a $50 piece of software at worst.

Good luck…

(Only one Wall Post telling us why you want a copy of Tether per Facebook account please.  Multiple entries will be disqualified)