Back at the end of September at the BlackBerry Developer’s Conference, Research in Motion confirmed a rumor started by a company VP stating that QNX, the operating system that will make it’s RIM debut on the BlackBerry Playbook, would eventually replace the BlackBerry OS on BlackBerry devices.  The big question in everyone’s mind is how long it will take for this to become the case, and, and if RIM will release a new wave a BlackBerry devices that run possibly an update to BlackBerry 6, or, maybe even BlackBerry 7.

BlackBerry 6 is really just hitting the scene

BlackBerry 6 is really just starting to get its legs under it.  It is now offered out of the box on the BlackBerry Torch, the BlackBerry Style, and the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and we know that the BlackBerry Bold 9650, Bold 9700, Curve 3G, and Pearl 3G will eventually be upgradable to BlackBerry 6.  One would have to imagine that any unknown, but, soon to be released BlackBerry devices would also run BlackBerry 6, however, the only real rumor of a new BlackBerry anywhere close to being released is the BlackBerry Storm 9570, for which there are as many rumors stating that this device has been scrapped as there are stating that it is coming.

A better question to ask

I can’t fathom that there is a QNX based BlackBerry coming anytime before we are well in to the second half of 2011, and, thus, it seems likely that there will be new BlackBerry devices out before then.  Maybe a better question to ask is if the next wave of BlackBerry devices will be seen as lame ducks until a QNX based lineup hits the shelves?