Verizon Blackberry Storm

Why hasn’t Verizon updated the BlackBerry Storm, undoubtedly the most buggy BlackBerry device ever, since a week or so after they first launched the device back in the fall last year?  There have been well over a dozen “leaked updates”  most of which have significantly improved performance and user experience since the Storm debuted but Verizon has forced their users to “officially” use BlackBerry Storm OS for much too long.

The leaked OS updates are now up to, which is rumored to be the next official update, but other carriers have already officially updated their devices to 4.7.o.122.  I wouldn’t have expected Verizon to release every leak that has come out officially, however, one or two more than what they have released would have had a lot of BlackBerry Storm users feeling better about the device than what they currently do.