As you may already know, the BlackBerry Tour, on both Verizon and Sprint, went on sale today and there has been a lot of buzz surronding its release.  Many Verizon subscribers see the Tour as a reprieve from the keyboard-less BlackBerry Storm that, up until recently, had more than its fair share of problems.  Sprint users are just glad to see a new BlackBerry… It’s been well over a year since the BlackBerry Curve was released on Sprint.

The BlackBerry Tour, unlike any BlackBerry that has come before it, will have massive appeal to both corporate and consumer BlackBerry users alike.  The Tour is a World Phone and has a ton of horsepower as far as BlackBerrys go.  It also has all the “cool factor” of any consumer oriented BlackBerry to come before it and, at $199, won’t break the bank.

I am not saying that the BlackBerry Tour will be the fastest selling BlackBerry ever.  Verizon alone sold massive numbers of BlackBerry Curve 8330 devices when they ran that BOGO sale.  I am saying, however, that when you combine corporate and consumer appeal, an attractive price point, and simultaneous launch on multiple carriers, that this is probably not a bad formula to give a good run at it.

What do you think?