We’re getting close. The most innovative BlackBerry to date, the BlackBerry Storm, is coming out within the next month. I am sure that the Storm will do all the BlackBerry stuff that we are used to on a BlackBerry, however, the form factor, the touchscreen, the accelerometer, etc., will allow it to do some things that no BlackBerry before it has ever been able to do.

An excellent way to truly test the power and performance of many computing devices is to put a good game on them that will really tax the system. I don’t hide the fact that I am not a big fan of the iPhone as a business device, however, these products are better when it comes to playing games.

Will the BlackBerry Storm be able to play some of the types of games that you see coming out on the iPhone? Does it have enough horsepower to move beyond the card and puzzle type games that you see so many of and on to so some of the more graphically and processor games?