If you haven’t heard already, the world’s first official BlackBerry Store opened it’s doors yesterday morning. At first, I thought, “Wow, pretty cool…” Now that I have thought about it a little longer, I wonder if The BlackBerry Store will actually succeed.

There is no doubt that the BlackBerry is one of the hottest selling smartphones on the market. When you look at the overall mobile phone market, however, the number of BlackBerry’s sold here in the U.S., even though more BlackBerrys are sold here than all other places combined, is just a rounding error compared to the total number of mobile devices sold.

Will the BlackBerry Store receive enough foot traffic to sell enough devices to keep the lights running? I know that they will sell training as well, however, BlackBerry training is nothing new and how far will people travel so that their BlackBerry training comes from a place that has an official BlackBerry logo on the marquee?

Will the BlackBerry Store succeed? Tell us what you think.