Word on the street is that the BlackBerry KickStart, the first clam shell / flip phone from RIM, will cost just $49.99 on T-Mobile. It would appear that Apple is not the only smartphone maker that Research in Motion is paying attention to

With all the problems that Palm has had of late, the Centro has been a nice little surprise to the smartphone industry and a big hit for Palm. The $100 price tag on the Centro undoubtedly played a big part in it’s success and it looks like RIM is saying “Whatever Palm can do we can do better!”

I am guessing that if on day one the BlackBerry KickStart hits T-Mobile with a $49.99 price tag it will be a matter of months, or less, before the price is completely subsidized. When you can get a BlackBerry for free, or, darn near free, I don’t think it matters how ugly those little buggers are, the BlackBerry KickStart will fly off the shelves.