I don’t think that there is any doubt that last weekend and probably this week, as far as the mobile industry goes, belong to Apple and the iPhone. I also believe that once the initial surge of everyone getting an iPhone simply because the iPhone is out passes, handset manufacturers not named Apple have a definite… finite…, but, definite window to capitalize on all of the buzz created by the iPhone 3G.

We know that there are consumers who either just don’t want an iPhone, or, are on some carrier other than AT&T and aren’t going to switch so that they could get an iPhone, but, all the iPhone buzz makes them want to get a new device too. My guess is that carriers other than AT&T are already starting to realize these consumers and it won’t be long before AT&T starts to notice them as well.

The big question for me is if the BlackBerry Bold will be out in time to realize these benefits of the iPhone buzz. We know that BlackBerry users overwhelmingly won’t be lured by the iPhone and will wait on the BlackBerry Bold no matter how long it takes for it to come out. I am wondering, however, if RIM and AT&T will release the Bold in time enough to capture the attention of the smartphone consumer with no allegiance that would actually compare multiple devices and weigh the pros and cons of each that initially came into the store to look at the iPhone 3G.

This worked for RIM last year with the BlackBerry Curve. Do you think that it will work again this year with the BlackBerry Bold?