As you have probably heard the rumors by now, Research in Motion will soon come out with it’s next-generation, full QWERTY keyboard, MP3 playing, Wi-Fi enabled, Razr thin smartphone called the BlackBerry 8800. There will actually be two versions (at least two) of the 8800, one without a digital camera code named “Indigo” rumored to come out late this year, and one with a digital camera code named “Crimson” rumored to come out Q2 of 07.

The question of the day is will the BlackBerry 8800 be even more popular than the BlackBerry Pearl? As you can see from a poll over on BlackBerry Forums, almost 60% of the poll takers say that they are 100% sure that they will get a BlackBerry 8800. Based on this I would have to say that the 8800, at least with existing BlackBerry users, could be more popular than the Pearl.

Research in Motion’s stock price is sitting above $110 per share at the time of this posting and one of the main factors for this is the BlackBerry Pearl. The Pearl is selling like crazy right now even though one of the biggest reasons for not buying a Pearl is it’s lack of a full QWERTY keyboard. Another big reason not to buy a Pearl is it’s lack of Wi-Fi support. The BlackBerry 8800, depending on which version you buy, will have both.

Will the BlackBerry 8800 sell better than the Pearl? Only time will tell. One thing we no for sure, however, is that the BlackBerry 8800 will be popular with BlackBerry Forums members.

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