It was announced last week that T-Mobile is bringing the BlackBerry 8700g to the UK. The rumor mill has it that the there will be an announcement about a BlackBerry 8700 series device in the U.S. Feb. 2nd. The question, however, is will the U.S. based device be called a BlackBerry 8700g like in the UK, or, will a new BlackBerry 8700t model be introduced?

Many assumed, myself included, when T-Mobile releases a BlackBerry 8700 series device it would be named the BlackBerry 8700t. I think it was a logical assumption because both 710x series BlackBerry devices from T-Mobile are named with a “t”. The mold has been broken with T-Mobile UK announcing last week that it will introduce the O2 variant Blackberry 8700g (The “g” stands for global)

Honestly, I don’t think that it will matter much. BlackBerry 8700t or Blackberry 8700g, T-Mobile will have plenty of new subscribers waiting to get the new device and nearly as many old subscribers wanting to upgrade.