Ever since the first PDA was invented someone has tried to make it do something other than what it was originally intended to do.  We hear about Windows Mobile devices, Palm devices, iPhones, T-Mobile G1s, and even Sony PSPs being “Jailbroken” all the time.  One glaring omission from this list, however, is the BlackBerry.

Some say that the BlackBerry simply cannot be hacked.  Others say that the the hardware capabilities haven’t been worth someone actually trying.  I believe that the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.  There is no question that the BlackBerry’s security model is something coveted by just about everyone else, however, it is also true that until the last round of BlackBerry devices, the hardware used them has been a bit long in the tooth.

My guess is that jailbreaking a BlackBerry would be significantly  difficult and even though BlackBerrys are very popular devices, other very popular devices are child’s play comparatively when it comes to rewriting their code.  The BlackBerry Storm, on the other hand, has some really cool hardware specifications that might make someone see what they can come up with.