For those of you not aware, CES, the biggest consumer electronics show of the year, starts Thursday with a bunch of announcements likely coming tomorrow, and, the big question for me is ” What will Research in Motion have to say?”  We know that the BlackBerry PlayBook is coming and that QNX will eventually power a BlackBerry device, however, I’d like to know what else Research in Motion has coming down the pipe, namely in the way of BlackBerry devices.

It’s been 6 months since RIM has released a high-end CMDA BlackBerry and Verizon BlackBerry Storm and Storm2 users especially, with no BlackBerry Storm3 or other Touchscreen device in sight, have seemingly been left out in the cold.  This could be the perfect opportunity for RIM to announce a new CDMA BlackBerry with a touch screen, even if it only runs BlackBerry 6.

There are rumors that Apple may officially announce the Verizon iPhone this week,and, if there is no good news on the BlackBerry front coming out RIM, the BlackBerry platform may see many more BlackBerry users switching platforms compared to those that a going to switch regardless of what RIM has to say…

Let’s hope that RIM has good new for us this week