I just read a pretty good article called The BlackBerry of The Future in which RIM VP of Enterprise Business, David Werezak, had some interesting things to say about the evolution of the BlackBerry platform. The piece covers several different areas such as CRM, IM and presence, and even goes into “purpose-built” BlackBerry devices designed for specific applications. My short attention span, however, allowed me to focus on only one point made throughout the entire article on my first pass through it.

BlackBerry devices of the future will rely on a range of communications architectures from cellular and Wi-Fi to personal networking Bluetooth, to gather different streams of information.

Maybe I am reading too much in to that statement but it sure sounds like next-gen BlackBerries may have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that can do more than synch with your laptop, load address books to the hands free dialers in luxury cars, and allow you to use a headset. How cool would that be?