Will Microsoft’s Messaging & Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0 be more fault tolerant than the BlackBerry service offered by Research in Motion?  RIM has suffered its third major outage in as many weeks.  The latest outage being the most significant, affecting Australian based Telstra BlackBerry Users for almost a day and a half. 

All BlackBerry email flows through Research in Motions headquarters in Ontario, Canada.  This definitely has advantages such as PIN to PIN messaging but there are disadvantages as well.  If there is a problem with a telco’s link to RIM’s headquarters, such as the one that Telstra just suffered, everyone on that provider will have a problem with sending and receiving email.

Microsoft’s ‘Push’ based email may be seen as more fault tolerant because mail flow is decentralized.  There is no central point that all mail must flow through once it hits the internet from an Exchange 2003 server with SP2.  So long as your Windows Mobile 5.0 device can get internet access, email should be pushed to you.