Since posting about the BlackBerry Daylight Savings Time patch, several people have either commented or emailed me directly asking about Macintosh support. The DST 2007 Patch requires Windows 2000 or higher in order to install. This, of course, poses a problem for Macintosh using BlackBerry owners that don’t have access to a PC.

Research in Motion historically hasn’t provided support for the Macintosh. Even though they started offering PocketMac for free last February, RIM still offers no native Macintosh support for the BlackBerry.

This brings up the question, “Will lack of Mac support push Apple using BlackBerry owners to the iPhone?

I’ve been on the record stating that the iPhone may cause more problems for RIM than most die-hard BlackBerry users will admit, but, my concern centers around first time smartphone buying consumers that may never become BlackBerry users because the iPhone gets them first.

I tend to believe that many die-hard BlackBerry users are like die-hard Mac users in that they, regardless of what new smartphone comes out, will stick with the BlackBerry, like a Mac user will stick with a Mac regardless of what new Microsoft OS comes out. Some Mac using BlackBerry owners are getting fed up.

One such user that goes by the name BlackBerry Defector comments that they will move to the iPhone over the BlackBerry 8800 when it comes out. Is this sentiment felt by most Mac using BlackBerry owners?