What is the point of having built-in Wi-Fi if your BlackBerry 8320 cannot load pages via its speedy Wi-Fi connection any faster than via its EDGE connection? This is the question that a lot of new BlackBerry Curve owners are asking themselves after picking up the new Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry Curve (8320) from T-Mobile.

The Boy Genius did a side-by-side comparison of the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 running Wi-Fi versus an AT&T BlackBerry 8300 running EDGE and, in most cases, the BlackBerry running EDGE loaded pages faster than the one running Wi-Fi.

That flat out sucks…

I can tell you that the difference between Wi-Fi and EDGE on the iPhone seems like the difference between a dial-up modem and DSL.

I guess that if you look at the bright side the T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve (8320) does have My Faves.