I am sure that everyone is going to be talking about the iPhone SDK for some time to come and and certainly the doom and gloomers that think that the BlackBerry is about to go the way of the Palm Pilot. I know, for a fact, however, that many a BlackBerry user is just as hooked on their BlackBerry as much as iPod users or hooked on their iPods and they simply won’t switch because they love the things so much.

There is no way that RIMarkable could have survived for 4 years if the BlackBerry didn’t have an awfully strong following and I just don’t see tens of millions of BlackBerry users dumping there devices simply because you will be able to get email from Exchange pushed to the iPhone 4-6 months or so from now.

Initially this post was going to be a top 10 list why most BlackBerry users won’t be switching any time soon, however, I couldn’t narrow the list down. So many RIMarkable readers send me emails every day about why the BlackBerry is for them that even if I could narrow the list down, it just wouldn’t seem right to do so.

That being said, I’ve decided to pose the question to the BlackBerry faithful.

Why won’t you dump your BlackBerry for an iPhone?

I know that some BlackBerry users will switch. Some BlackBerry users already have. To quote from a Heath Ledger movie, however, many BlackBerry users feel that the iPhone has “been weighed, the iPhone been measured, and the iPhone has been found wanting.”