I while back I wrote a post about why Bluetooth Blackberry keyboards are not that practical and if I had a digital camera in my BlackBerry I would have taken a picture that would have illustrated this point perfectly.

I saw a guy trying to use a wireless keyboard with what looked like a BlackBerry 8700c. We were sitting on a bus from the airport terminal to the car rental place and as the bus moved, the gentleman found it increasingly difficult to balance the BlackBerry on one knee while trying to type on the keyboard on the other. Finally, he reached into his bag, pulled out his laptop, and used the laptop as a tray to hold the keyboard and the BlackBerry so that he could type his message.

This was funny to me and I thought that I’d share. You would probably would have thought it was funny too if you were looking at a picture of a dude using a laptop as a tray for his BlackBerry and wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

Please Verizon, come out with BlackBerry with camera in it soon….