Our pal and weekly BlackBerry Cool columnist, Thought, has come up with his holiday wish list in the most recent edition of ThoughtPiece. The first thing he is asking for is a “A super cool television marketing campaign for the BlackBerry consumer line of products” and even tosses out the idea of a BlackBerry SuperBowl commercial.

I think Thought is dead on. A SuperBowl commercial is exactly what the BlackBerry needs. You may be asking yourself, as strong as the BlackBerry brand already is, how could a Superbowl commercial, directly lead to more sales? Well, let us take a look at the brand BlackBerry a bit more closely.

Is the brand BlackBerry strong? Most definitely. The problem right now that RIM is having on the consumer side of things is that the brand BlackBerry, doesn’t automatically make you think of a cool mobile phone.

Before you call me nuts, I have a test for you. Ask someone that doesn’t own a BlackBerry or some other wireless PDA what a BlackBerry is and I guarantee you that the overwhelming majority of them will tell you that a BlackBerry is some type of device that you can get email on. Some might say that you can use it ‘like a cellphone’ as well, however, my point is that they don’t think of it as mobile phone first.

This is a problem for RIM on the consumer side of things. They are trying to a sell an email device that can make phone calls to a bunch of people looking for a mobile phone that can send and receive email. You may call this semantics, however, this subtle psychological difference in the mind of someone looking to get their first smartphone makes a world of difference.

This is where the BlackBerry SuperBowl commercial comes in. If RIM does it right, they could, in a single afternoon, get 85% of North America talking about how cool that new ‘mobile phone‘ from BlackBerry is.

You think the BlackBerry Pearl is selling well now. Make a really cool commercial with Paris Hilton and Jake Gyllenhaal and see what happens.