I just read one of our frequent reader Thought’s column over on BlackBerry Cool like I do every Wednesday morning and wanted to chime in on why he is exactly right when he says that “RIM and Verizon Need to Get Closer“.

Verizon tends to release new BlackBerry devices on the nations best network 9 months to a year after they have been released on Verizon’s GSM competitors in the United States. GSM proponents contend that this is because most of the planet uses GSM and RIM wants to be inline with global standards. I know that this will sound very U.S. biased, but, to be totally honest, I could really care less what the rest of Earth is doing because I use my BlackBerry here, and I would be willing to bet that most Americans feel the same way that I do.

RIM sells more BlackBerry devices in the US and Canada than they do everywhere else combined. Verizon is almost as big and Cingular and definitely more reliable. I know that Cingular says that they have the fewest dropped calls, however, the issue is that you can never make the friggin call in the first place. Verizon is just better, there is no question about it, and the fact that there are more Verizon BlackBerry subscribers in the U.S. than those on Cingular should say something to RIM.

People in most places outside of the U.S. drive down the left side of the street yet auto manufactures that sell cars this side of the pond put the steering while on the left because we drive the other way. RIM and Verizon, listen to Thought.